NathoBuilds XB4 LCG Brass Chassis Flex Plates - Front and Rear (Pro Set)



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NathoBuilds XB4 LCG Brass Chassis Flex Plates Front and Rear (Pro Set)

New to NathoBuilds is our XB4 Brass Chassis Flex Plates.  The weight attaches directly onto the Rear and Front Chassis Brace, replacing the standard Carbon Fibre Braces.  This adds weight to the buggy, which can be fine tuned with the ‘pro set’ that will help with the weight of the rear and front of the buggy when using lightweight batteries or when running in bumpy track conditions. The weights can also help to find traction in very low grip conditions while countering traction rolling in very high-bite astro turf or indoor carpet racing.

The NathoBuilds XB4 Brass Chassis Flex Plates are CNC machined from high-quality Brass material which is locally sourced in Australia and is individually hand polished.

The Pro Set includes-

  • Add extra grip resulting in stability to your car while reducing the low centre of gravity also improving handling.
  • 1mm rear and front plates along with a 2mm rear and front plates, so you can fine tune the weight that is being added along with the flex.
  • CNC machined by NathoBuilds and Hand Polished with locally sourced brass in Australia. 
  • PRO-SET inludes: 4 NathoBuilds Machined XB4 Brass Chassis Flex Plates in weight sizing of: 
  • 1mm FR- 4g
  • 2mm FR- 6g
  • 1mm RR-13g
  • 2mm RR- 25g
  • along with SS Screws in a NBR snap lock case!

Proudly made in Australia, with locally sourced Material!


Brand NathoBuilds


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